Every year, the RAMS® is staffed entirely by volunteer Symposium officers who take on a significant workload for nothing but our thanks and the satisfaction of advancing their field. Their contributions are greatly appreciated.

General Chair
Julio Pulido, Nortek

Vice General Chair
Sean Carter, NASA

Charlie Plotkin, Ford Motor Company, Retired

Assistant Treasurer
Mike McKelvey, Boeing

Advanced Registration Consultant
Ray Sears, Consultant

Program Committee
Om Yadav, North Dakota State University
Wendai Wang, Thoratec Corporation
Jess Leszczynski, Sierra Nevada Corporation
Ying Shi, ASQ RD
Bill Haughey, ReliaTrain
Lori Bechtold, Consultant
Paul Franklin, Genpact
Dongmei Chen, STEA
Natesan Jambulingam, NASA

Tutorials Committee
Caroline Lubert, James Madison University
Kellie Schneider, University of Dayton
John Healy, Federal Communications Commission
Vasiliy Krivtsov, The Ford Motor Company
Phil Mongan, ARES Corporation

Publicity Committee
Steve Glenn, Raytheon Company
Troy Schwartz, Accenture
Robert Schmedake, Boeing

Arrangements Committee
Melvin Downes, ASQ ECD
Ming Li, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Masoud Pourali, KimiaPower PLLC
Mohammad Hijawi, FCA US LLC

Registration Committee
Dmitry Tananko, General Dynamics Land System
Ken Dalton, Retired Reliability Engineer
John Klohoker, NASA/JPL
Brian Schadowsky, BAE Systems
Walter Tomczykowski, Tomczykowski Group LLC

Exhibits Committee
David Barber, Scien-Tech Associates

Proceedings Committee
Joel Nachlas, Virginia Tech